Sunday, June 19, 2011

This one is for Yearbook.

So this Saturday I had my first boating trip of the season! And it was absolutely great mostly because I went with some of my favorite people in the world! The lake was so full due to all of the run off, it was starting to flood some of the parking so that was an exciting twist. As well as all of the obstacles we went through. Including not limited to the tube blowing out of the boat on to the road on our way. Once getting to the lake not actually having the tube. And sitting in the dock for hours. But even still is was a blast!

The funnest group ever; Shannon, Lyd, Lauren, Em, Me and Quincie!
*Chloe and My dad are missing, they also went on the expedition. 

This is Quincie, Chloe, Lydia and Shannon (from left to right by heads)
going into the Ring of Fire. 

The same group as above leaning to the right.
Becoming one with the tube.

Our wonderful driver, my father. 
He was so great, the absolute best dad in the world, 
he went all the way back to the shop so that we could tube!

 Lauren, Shannon, Lydia and Quincie.
Shannon did not fare so well on the back. 

Overall this was such a fun boating trip. Definitely a good way to start off. Not only was it fun sport also great atmosphere and conversation. I can't wait till we go again!

*Note I took the pictures that I am not in. 

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