Thursday, June 2, 2011

First Post!! This is for Yearbook-Deadline 1

After much effort I am publishing my first blog post! And it is about me.

 My name that I am most commonly known by is Macall Weight or by others Gretch-Bertha. I absolutely love to spend time with my crazy family. They are just so fun and hilarious they can always make me laugh with out fail. Even when I am in the rottenest of moods. 

Me. In Cedar City about to go for a nice swim. 

Alright so here is how things are going. Picture wise not so great. I'm still learning how to use my mothers computer which is the data base for all of our pictures. Yet I'm not having much luck, as you could probably guess by this very out-dated and unflattering picture. The only reason it is actually staying put is because I find it funny and to prove my desperation. The plan of action? Well I will post the rest of the text and then tomorrow with the picture-keeper (aka my brother) I will post the other pictures. 

Yet onward with my introduction. I love to be outdoors! Especially boating and swimming. Yet my personality is quite versatile luckily so I appreciate a nice day inside reading a book or playing board games! 

I am most often found asleep but in my attempt to be proactive this summer i have set two major goals. These being to actually learn how to bake and cook, become better at the piano and to be more effective in keeping a journal/scrapbook (so to speak). This way the time i spend will be beneficial to me instead of just wasting away my days watching shows I don't even like. 

And there is a brief description that will soon be followed by pictures. 

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