Sunday, July 17, 2011

Yearbook numero II

The operatives: Samantha, Cassy, Quincie, Macall
The mission: Harry Potter 7.2 
The location: Provo Towne Center
The time: 12:12 hours (arrival 8pm the previous day) 
The verdict: Twas amazing, well worth the wait.   

Quincie, Samantha and Cassy waiting in line for HP.
The operatives in the theater finally about to see Harry Potter 7.2

Quincie, Cassy and Samantha excited after seeing Harry Potter!


Recently it was one of my best friends birthday. I had the opportunity to spend the majority of it with her  and it was absolutely the best, it reminded me of all the good times that we've had and why we were such good friends. As I get older and I get busier I lose track of friends and forget how amazing some people are. Samantha's birthday came at the perfect time is was nice to get back to simpler times and remember good memories (and no this is not an obituary as my brother thinks she is still alive and well). She is such an inspiration to me and has influenced my life and me for the better. I can't wait to make even more crazy fun memories with her. 
The beautiful Samantha

Quincie and Sam with their cake that they so beautifully decorated. 

Quincie, Sam and me drinking pink lemonade while enjoying their original  Hot  Chocolate flavored cake. 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

73401, 278, 15!

I have found a new love. It is a perfect match. I spend as much time as I can with him. We are completely honest and true. Sure we have our ups and downs, but on days like today I am overjoyed! Meet my new "boyfriend" as my family jokes. 
Yes, it really is Tetris the game.
I am addicted to this game! I found it on my "new" phone and I play it all day everyday! I have become even more anti-social because of it (which is saying something, I was already in a downhill slide). And today I finally beat my high score. Yes the title of the post is all numbers related to Tetris, those are the numbers of my latest successful game I played. Seventy three thousand four hundred one points. Which equates to a well played two hundred seventy eight lines. As well as getting up to level fifteen. I was so happy I almost screamed (which is sad because I was at mutual surrounded by people, while I was on my phone). I love this game although it is very old school it is soo much fun. This summer my Dad just joked is my Tetris summer, I say what a good use of my last real summer.